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Cute & Personalized. The Perfect Closing Gifts.

I know how busy agents can be. If you are anything like my husband, the closing gift happens the day, the minute, the second before he leaves to meet the clients to sign the papers. A bottle of wine or a gift card is great BUT going a little extra will leave a lasting impression with your clients. These recommendations are sure to give you repeat business and lead others your way. I'm here to help give you some thoughtful ideas that will impress, not only yourself but, the clients.


How popular are Charcuterie Board right now?! They are everywhere and every gathering is obsessed with them. I know I absolutely love making my own at home. I recommend CircleCityDesignCo. You can find them by searching their name in the search bar on Etsy. They provide amazing quality and super fast shipping!

This is something I guarantee no other person as thought of doing ... how stinkin precious would it be for someone to receive a beautiful house sketch to put up somewhere in their home. I would go nuts over it! Personal story here. I was super close with my grandparents, (they are passed away now) but think if they would have had a painting or sketch of their house to give someone. It could be one of the most precious things to someone one day. Etsy is full of talented artist that offer this service. Just type "house sketch" in the search bar, most shipping is 2 weeks, if that!

Other ideas of course could be, door mats (women are crazy for them,) custom gift baskets, vases, etc. You get the picture. Need help, I'm an email away and live for gifting people. Im a woman, its our second nature to spoil others. :)

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